A Tribute – Fire Trucks and A Fireman!

This blog is dedicated to my cousin’s son Nate, who passed away on October 28 at the young age of 29.  Nate grew up in Texas, just outside of Houston, but before his family relocated to Texas he was a Southern California boy.  For a short time we did not live very far from each other which made the opportunities of seeing each other more likely.  From the time Nate was a little boy he loved fire trucks and wanted to be a fireman.  His passion never diminished as he grew up.  I am not quite sure what age Nate started volunteering with the Klein Volunteer fire department, but I swear he was about 14 or 15 – even though you have to be 18!  Maybe he was just hanging out with the guys waiting to turn 18!

So in honor of Nate let’s plan a fire truck/fireman party.  Now Nate’s memorial service will have a couple of real fire trucks on site and all the firemen who can break away from the station along with other first responder’s will be present.  But for our party in Nate’s honor, we will have to have decorations that represent fire trucks and firemen.

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest if you want to find some ideas.  Or decorations can be found at any of the usual suspects – Amazon, Party City, Oriental Trading Company, or Michael’s.  I would suggest picking up a couple toy fire trucks to use for decorations.  A fireman’s boot (or boots) can be used as a flower vase with a small vase inside that you then fill with your favorite (or in season) flowers so they display over the top of the boot.  Another must have decoration is firemen hats.  Put them around your house or use them to hold something light, like chips or bread. You just want to make sure they are stable upside down so you don’t have a table or floor full of food if it gets knocked over.  How about a stuffed Dalmatian or 2 or 3? When your party is over, you can donate the stuffed animals and your toy firetrucks to your local children’s hospital or a woman’s and children’s shelter.

In keeping with our theme – for food – we will choose things that are “smokey”, “hot”, or bar-b-qued. How about little smokies, queso, chili, salsa, and ribs!  Then offset the hot with cool dips such as ranch, blue cheese, spinach/artichoke or onion.  And for dessert how about hot lava cakes! Yummmmm. And make sure to have plenty of water!!!

Nate – this one is for you, my man.  May you rest in peace and until we see you again in heaven – we miss you and love you!

“Firefighters are some of the most selfless public servants you will ever encounter” Dennis Leary

“When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished.  What he does after that is all in the line of work” Chief Edward F. Crocker

4 thoughts on “A Tribute – Fire Trucks and A Fireman!

  1. Jack G Reply

    So sorry about Nate. I literally did not know what to say or how to respond when I saw your message last week. How rough for the family. Our prayers have been with them since learning of his passing. He laid his life down to protect those in his community. Truly a man of self-lessness. You have honored Nate with a wonderful tribute in this blog. Blessings to you and the family.

    • Jill Baker Post authorReply

      Thanks Jack. He actually passed away from liver cancer, but he would have given his life to save another! He was a firefighter thru and thru!

  2. PatThompson Reply

    Thanks, Jill. What a wonderful way to honor Nate, our grandson!! He would have LOVED a “fire” party. His passion was firefighting, but Nate was also a police officer and certified as an EMS. . A well rounded and valuable first responder. I’m going to save your post so I can use it later. You are a blessing!!.

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